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                  Common name: Forchlorfenuron

                  IUPAC name: 1-(2-chloro-4-pyridyl)-3-phenylurea

                  Chemical class: Phenylurea

                  Molecular formula: C12H10ClN3O

                  CAS RN: [68157-60-8]

                  Structural formula:

                  Uses: used to increase the size of kiwi fruit, table grapes and peaches; promote fruit set in
                  melons, pumpkins and cucumbers; promote branching in apples; and increase yield in potatoes,
                  rice and wheat.
                  Applied at 1-1000ppm, depending on crop.


                  Formulation products: 0.1% SL, 0.5% SL

                  Packing: Technical: 25kg/drum, or as requirement

                  Formulation: SL: 100mL/bottle, or as requirement


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